Tuesday, March 26

"Mamma taught me"

I have tried oh so very hard to live the past few years the way these sayings indicate life should be lived.(Stole them from facebook the link is proved above with the pictures) Wish I could say that I've tried living them all my life but that just isn't true so, so I won't.(something else my mamma tried to get me to learn) Trust me I have tried living my life the yourway, the myway, the highway, the stateway, the goodway, the badway, the leftway and the rightway. and come to find out I was probably the most miserable person on the face of the earth, it's really a wonder those that were around me and even I are still living. (LOL not) Wow! I really wasn't going that way with this topic but it's good lets see where it takes us. This one will go under the "mamma taught me" title.  Which is cool because I heard, from somewhere, "what your (my) mamma taught me(you) was all wrong" The more things that come out of my head, lately, like this the more I think that must of been your voices not mine that said that that day. Because more and more of what my mamma taught me seems to be so true and right on. Which she had help with those teachings too. My mammaw, her mother, had a big part of that too. Thank You Mammaw. I think I even might have tried it herway..........LOL Shoot I take that one back... as I hear her saying 'you did not'..... I didn't try it her way. Shoot probably would have gotten it right if I had. I sure do miss her sometimes. 
Ok back on track. These sayings is just a little something I wish I would have had back then to maybe help me with the lessons those two ladies tried so hard to get me to learn to help me to be the kind of person they could be proud of  Hell the kind of person I would be proud of...............wouldn't have worked either because I'm sure, don't remember for sure, there was something like them somewhere I was just to self absorbed to see or hear them. What ever the case may or may not be it all was and is part of what got me here and I can honestly say that I am who I am and that's all I know how to be. Wouldn't change a thing I love who I am today and I am very proud of the person I am and have become over time, every moment of everyday of all the forty something years of my life has built who I am today. I even kinda like me too.
Challenge:Is there anything you would do different? Is there one person that looking back now you can see was a big part of who you have become today? If you can Tell thank you. 

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